Saturday, 4 May 2013

What is good? Museum visit/ Exhibitions research

A large proportion of my primary research can be found on my Design Practice blog.

I attended the 'Bug House' in Liverpool in hope to find out more about the Honeybee, and if you'd like, its surrounding families. It supplied me with some quirky information and various photographs that demonstrated the honeybee's uses and current facing problem.

Friday, 3 May 2013

What is good? Exploration of ideas.

The most suitable way to present my findings and observations of the honey bee seemed most appropriate through an exhibition, educating and informing my audience...I didn't want to just basically design the branding for an event, I wanted to create a product that could be sold as a way to help the honeybee issue. Resource Box? Promotional Box? I wanted the operations of the honeybee exhibition to be prevalent within this resource box.

In this following post I examined different components that were all a component of an exhibition, including, museum branding, exhibition publications, Info-graphics, way-finding, book binding.

If I was to generate a map for my exhibition to help viewers move around more effectively, I could have their journey mapped out by the buzz of a bee (you can see the inspiration in the image below)

I recognised that this particular branding has a very strong resemblance to a swarm. Instantly I thought If I'd replaced the D with a B, I'd have a logo that communicated a message perfectly. I'd just have to study swarms of honeybee's in more depth to figure out if there is a specific shape to a swarm. I turned toward the drawing board once I'd figured this out because it was almost my beginning of combining type and image into a logo.

Wood is a very appropriate material in the sense that it communicates the natural side of the honeybee. It's also used in the building of man-made hives. If it was used in a similar manner to the one below, I could laser cut details such as honeycomb into the front and back, or even use a cut through of a hexagon to show the publication inside.

Although the aesthetics overall aren't very eye-catching or up-lifting, the concept to the logo is quite inspiring. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What is good? Theory/ Articles/ Comparisons & trends

The following information presents a comparison of articles from global and national newspapers, showcasing that the honeybee epidemic is an issue, many many people can relate toward.

I've also examined some graphic and info-graphic designs that have gathered together an important amount of secondary information.

Using design sites such as 'Behance' allows me to quickly view the trends of design that are relevant and saturated within the topic of 'Honeybee's. I found that there was a very vector based approach to the honeybee and prevalent use of honeycomb and the bee itself.

There wasn't such a strong connection between the honeybee visuals and the typographic elements of each campaign so this gave me the idea to start developing designs based around type, trying to mix both image with type...

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