Saturday, 29 June 2013

What is good? Design influence - Competitor analysis

It's gotten to the point where I've pretty much saturated all of my research methods, some of my research accomplishments are listed below...

I've viewed a working hive, I've examined a hive in its environment, I've studied the contents of a man made hive, I've taken photographs and measured a hive's honeycomb, I've taken museum trips studying the various families of the honeybee, I've read literature, I've surfed literature, I've found out about what we can do to help, I've found out what you can do to help.

To strengthen my understanding of what was already out there in the design world, I've reviewed some of my most influential pieces of design in relation to this module...

A lot of my information is statistical which would benefit from info-graphic displays, this would make the information less tedious to read and give them something exciting to look at 

It's becoming a theme in my taste to compliment these sort of designs. I think they've pushed the boat out that little bit more and provide something exciting and 3D for the viewer to appreciate. However you can see in the image below that the size of this container is taken up with a contents that mimics the pulling out of honeycomb frames, the problem with this approach is that it's a very striking exterior...that provides a small amount of information. With this point in mind, I need to create something thats small, sleek and useful.

From too little information to too much information? Overflowing information might have your best wishes at heart, but they give the viewer a harder task of finding information they actually find interesting. Apart from this, it just makes everything look cluttered and gives the design less credit than it should get.

The perfect balance...

In my own personal opinion, I really think this designer has executed this topic exceptionally well. So well that I often thought... could I compete with such?

The key appeared to be simplicity, layout and composition...

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What is good? An exhibition of...

In-between my secondary research, I was also developing my findings through a large proportion of primary methods, but as I'd began exhausting these methods. I made it my aim to gather together a collection of research that examines similar approaches I like... and am yet to develop.

I really like the presentation of this box but I feel it's not been completed to the best efforts, It's quite bland and says 'end of the bed box for toys' rather than 'honeybee hive'

A very popular method of branding among the honeybee designers, however there's too much focus on this type of branding, with most people adopting the 'bee' as a central feature also.

Possible Presentation of research book... gives the audience the option to view the gathered research as one whole timeline.

E.g. of a classroom hive, further information and supporting material can be found here:

Idea Stimulation...

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