Friday, 30 September 2011

Alphabet Soup, Illustrator, (Build)

Each Image contains a BUILD up of fonts. I could use this idea instead of a literal use, e.g. wooden planks. Below I've researched into the Barcelona chapel, Sagrada Familia. It's still under construction today, shows the true value of build.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Alphabet soup, Illustrator. Using Imagery as inspiration...

After understanding the various meanings of Build, I used the internet to collect some imagery that I could use as inspiration, selecting certain parts and creating my own versions to include....

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Presentation Development

After Peer review, we were aware that we needed to make the design more accessible for students. It would be to difficult for them to carry around, with this size it's easy to fit into your wallet etc...

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Group Crit Feedback

For our benefit, we presented our proposal for 'How To Flag A Taxi As A Student' to  group 2 of our class, we received some useful feedback...
We were going to create a digital poster, that we could Blog and viewers would see our research and development building up too the design. However the other group, suggested it would be more suitable if we printed them off in a certain format. We took this advice onboard and have decided to create a 'business card' style of advertisement, that would be available to all students in such things as; Freshers packs, Universities etc. We were aware that Students would probably just look at it and then discard the information......therefore we thought it would be a good idea to include secondary information that would be very useful for a student, a list of all local taxi firms.

Our target audience was to be students; therefore we had to provide information that was appealing, no one likes reading boring lengthy paragraphs when you don't need too, its human nature. Because of this we worded our text quite humorous. 

Below are some questions that we put together to give us a broader viewer of how our work would be interpreted;
Q. Do you think our project will be useful in a real life situation?
A. Yes.

Q. Where do you think is a suitable place for freshers to pick it up is?
A. Freshers Fairs, Clubs/Pubs, As a welcome pack in Halls, Promo Material such as Vice and Don't Panic

Q. If you made instructions for freshers what format would you put it in?
A. Posters as it is something they can stick on the wall, rather than a flyer that they would throw away.

Q. Do you think the imagery and style is attractive for freshers?
A. Yes, its very contemporary with the vintage/80's theme. quite comical and not too serious for students.

Q. Do you think our outlet serves its purpose?
A. Yes, it's funny and memorable.

We then decided to come up with some action plan pointers from this;

  1. Print the poster / flyer cards
  2. Change the text used to a more comical, student friendly text. 
  3. Create a presentation about our project. 
  4. Create, Finalise and finish our final piece/s
  5. Apply the feedback received. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Idea Development

After some initial brainstorming, We decided to focus on something specific; an informative, comical diagram on 'How to flag a taxi as a student'. Taking inspiration from Aeroplane Safety diagrams and instructions. Our aim and objective was to create an information flyer that students could relate too and engage, and as a result REMEMBER.

Aesthetically the 'BEER PONG' diagram is better, this is because it stands out more, with its unique retro/pastel appearance, making the ad look vintage. Furthermore the layout works well, which is further enhanced by the guy at the bottom, If you look, you recognise that he has his thumbs up, next to the diagram 'DO NOT USE', this adds comedy to the advert, and as a result makes the audience intrigued. The font works well with the vintage style, adding a contemporary twist.

Images sourced from;

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


The idea was to use similar designs, but with a more comical appearance, for e.g. 'No being sick', in the design would be someone keeling over projectile vommiting. We can add them to make the connection of what is right and wrong much easier  for the reader of our product, as when you first see a 'No' sign your instant reaction is to notice it and now what you can and can't do.

Primary research

Instead of using solely secondary resources, such as; the internet and magazines. We decided to gather some primary research, asking the local cab drivers what they think about the generation of students today, below are some of their replies;

-Do not enter the taxi while you are eating
-People who often look scruffy or a bit dodgy will have to pay upfront before they are taken anywhere
-They will be watched in the mirrors, this is because they often vandalise the taxis'
-No vomit in the taxi (FINE)
-No people staggering everywhere can enter

From a students POV, they feel they are often getting given an overcharged fare, simply because they are not aware of the standard prices.

These business cards have been collected from all the local taxi drivers around Leeds. The purpose of this research task was too; identify if there was a common theme between all the taxi firms....

They all use simple layouts, often cluttered with information and a cheap BLOCK lettering.

Research - Aeroplane Safety Instruction Video

As part of our research, we investigated a mixed range of media. This is a video clip taken from youtube, an example of animated instructions.

Research - Diagram and Instruction

Created by the Lidstrom Effect. A nice example of how the use of instructions and diagrams have been applied to, in this case, a zine. They have based there design from the ikea instruction booklets, which is a good touch. 

Research - Vice Student Guide

This information was sourced from; 

A brief insight... 

Don’t worry so much. A 2:1 is the most common grade. Nobody gets firsts except weird brainiacs or Chinese people. This looks great on graduation day but understand that straight A students have endured years of overbearing parents, endless maths tests and “educational toys” for Christmas presents. For the men, when they get to 32 they spend thousands on rare Stars Wars figures because they never had them when they were young. The women? It usually manifests itself in a huge dildo collection, prostitution, madness, suicide or becoming a sexually voracious, piss drinking slattern. Good six-month-girlfriend material if you can handle the suicide attempts.
Hahahaha. This is why I never went to university. Even if you’re thriftier than a person who recycles their own toilet paper you can expect to be in AT LEAST £20,000 worth of solid gold debt by the time you graduate. If you can get your parents to pay your rent you’ll still be in about £10,000 of debt. Unless you’re a millionaire and can afford to have that debt hanging over you for about 40 years, ask yourself this question: is that three year course in 3-D Digital Design really worth the effort? What are you going to be qualified for? Being an intern at a computer games magazine while all your friends who fucked their A-levels up are making £25,000 a year selling mobile phones?

Unless you’re a leech with rich misguided parents, you have to get a job at college. It keeps you in touch with the real world outside of student life and gives you a sense of perspective in between the all-night wine drinking and three hour lectures about social media trend predicting. FACT: if you have a job, internship or work experience while at university, the chances of you getting a job when you leave are quadrupled.
The pursuit of this is the main reason you’re at university. Just a reminder. Like we said before, it’s costing you at least £20,000.
Go nuts. Traditional is always best though. No Chinese tummy tattoos for girls. No logo of any band unless it’s Crass, Eyehategod, Black Flag, Misfits or Motorhead. Bands like that designed their logos so they’d look good as tattoos. No graffiti tattoos. No mystic symbols. A red devil on the arse of a drunken 35-year-old swinger mum of three is a million times better than getting an AK-47 on your leg because you’re trying to divert attention away from the fact that you’re the biggest fucking dweeb in the world.

The comical and informative approach of 'Vice' makes the articles such an interesting read, we think this is because they are stories Students can relate too. As a group we've took this into account, and plan to develop this style in our information.

How to flag a taxi driver as a student...

There are few problems that appear when trying to flag a taxi. 
First of all it's not safe for a student to flag an unknown taxi cab after a night out, when they are vulnerable. It's best to book your taxi, but not always are you that sober to find the number. When going home after a night out you aren't thinking clearly, and as a result end up in an unknown taxi drivers.

Research: New York city (famous for it's yellow taxies) have a solution to ease their customers... 

In New York City a 'medallion' is required in order to legally pick up passengers flagging on the street. Very few other cities have medallions, and most cities never allowed City permits to be traded at will by the public—but in New York City the medallion represents an investment instrument that has soared in value to astronomical heights

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