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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

OUGD 601 - Practical - Initial design generation/ direction development

While anti-tobacco efforts continue and gain strength, the introduction of electronic cigarettes into the 21st century has been marketed as a less harmful alternative to cigarette smoking, supplying nicotine through inhaled water vapour. One must use history as a referent to understand these implications. During the introduction of tobacco, advertisers regarded cigarette smoking as having certain health benefits, it was only due to a lack of evidence that such bizarre claims were digested. Now consumers are once again finding themselves in a position to accept this marketing strategy as the introduction of the e-cigarette is still new and bears no solid evidence for its effects. Will this repeated use of strategy fail just as it did in the tobacco industry? Only time will tell. And I hope to create this effect through the development of my practical, demonstrating my synthesis of my findings and demonstrating how I've applied theory to my practical.


As a starting point I began illustrating various designs that could be simplified digitally if I was going to choose them. Initially I found it quite hard to develop a logo that would target the male audience with the meaning of the ideal man embedded. But when I started to see the cigarette as a symbol of phallic power and a symbol of modernity and emancipation for men to regain a mastery of the phallus, (relation to torches of freedom scenario) . I was able to develop a logo that emitted the idea of oral desire and phallic symbolism. But also a logo that shows the beam off the lights on the end of the electronic cigarettes.

Refer to black book supplied in submission. This will show an in-depth, conceptual development of my ideas and direction for my deliverables.

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