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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

OUGD 601 - Practical - Photography

 I've developed a set of deliverables that mimic tactics of the tobacco advertisers who have a strong ability to react to current situations, alongside the ideology of electronic cigarettes who are following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the cigarette. Using emotion to appeal to their consumers and applying brand differentiation to target individuality within consumers. Furthermore, Health labels have been introduced with a more direct approach because of the learnt lessons from the history of tobacco and its ups and downs.

-The following card is for point of sale displays that would simply work in conjunction with the publications deliverance. During the developmental process, I experimented with the construction of cigarette packaging and the idea was to create a point of sale to be used in shops that would hold my designed publication, promotional card & also postcards of the advertisement displaying the ideal man.

The publications primary purpose is to advertise the website of the product and also pitch why it is C2 the MAN should choose. This approach has been designed in relation to a mastery of the phallus and seeking back this reputation that they used to have before such events as 'torches of freedom'...

The following health labels are fully explained in 'Part 1' Blogpost.

(Left) Initial health label that was introduced.
(Right) Health label that was introduced in relation to the emergence of the E-cig, C2.

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